About Us

Larry has always had a passion for cars.  He first started driving his Dad's Jeep Wagoneer at only 10 years old.  His first experience rebuilding vehicles happened after he forgot to check the water in the Wagoneer and the engine overheated.  He was made to grind the valves by hand after warping them!


At one time, Larry had over 60 collectible cars that he worked on and restored.  One of his favorites was a 1959 Custom Royal Convertible.  It was ordered for the Queen to use but sold instead.  He had looked for one for over 30 years before purchasing it from the original owner.

Larry's love of collectible cars, and his desire to provide an unique experience for other classic car lovers, prompted him to launch Franklin Auction.  His mission is to provide an auction experience focused on integrity and customer satisfaction.

Larry Franklin, Owner

Keith Calhoun, Auctioneer

Born & raised in Sarnia, Ontario, Keith is celebrating his 40th year as a professional auctioneer.


He graduated from the Western School of Auctioneering in Lacombe, Alta on April 13,1979. He began his auction career in Southern Ontario & migrated west in 1984. He has been selling cars, trucks, industrial & farm equipment all thru out his career. He has demonstrated his skills in the United States & as far away as Zubick Bay in the Philippines.


Keith has generously donated his time over the years to perform hundreds of charity auctions for many various organizations.  He has been a fixture at Osman Auctions of Edmonton for over 26 years & Kastner Auctions in Edmonton for over 6 years while doing numerous farm auctions.


Whether it be auctioning or life in general, he believes in two words his parents taught him: honesty & integrity.

Keith Calhoun, Auctioneer

What Our Peers Say

I personally have known Larry Franklin for numerous years through our mutual interest in old cars.  Not only has Larry owned dozens and dozens of cars in his lifetime, his knowledge of old cars is immense.



I have known Larry Franklin for over 25 years; he is very knowledgable in the antique car market, buying, selling and collecting classic cars over the years.  He is very well liked, respected and known by all in this field.  Larry is one of the most honest, hard working and trustworthy people I know, and I am proud to call him my friend.


Larry has been involved in the old car "hobby" for 35 plus years, buying, restoring and selling vintage vehicles both for himself and others.  He is such a hard worker.