Online Auction



- $99 -


  • Up to 10 Pictures

  • You provide the information and pictures; we put it online.


- $159 -


  • Up to 25 Pictures

  • You provide the information and pictures; we put it online.

  • We provide a Carfax Vehicle Report and Lien Check.


- $259* -

  • We come to you and take professional photos and a video.

  • You provide information for your vehicle and we'll use it to create our own professional listing; your vehicle will display as Franklin Auction Certified on our website.

  • We provide a Carfax Vehicle Report and Lien Check.

*Additional charges may apply if more than 50km from Edmonton.  Call us for a personalized quote.

Online Auction



We are excited to partner with PROXIBID; a premier online auction platform with a large Classic Car and Vehicle following in Canada, USA and Worldwide.

Vehicles will be online for a minimum of 10 days before bidding begins and bidding will be live for 7 days.

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Why work with Franklin Auction?

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Selling FAQs

How do I  Submit a Vehicle?

Fill in our form and we'll reach out to you once we've reviewed the information.  Once we've approved your vehicle and you've paid for your Seller's Package, we'll add your vehicle to our next online auction where it will get a minimum of 10 days exposure before bidding begins.

How Long do Auctions Last?

Your vehicle will have at least 10 days of pre-bidding exposure on Proxibid.  Bidding is open for 7 days.

What does it cost?

In addition to the listing fee, a 3% commission fee will be added to vehicles with Reserve.  No reserve vehicles do not pay an additional commission fee.

Can I Set a Reserve?

Vehicles without reserve encourage more people to bid.  We will work with you to determine a fair reserve price; your reserve price can be lowered any time during bidding up to 1 day before bidding ends.

Can I Change or Remove my Listing?

Before your vehicle is listed on Proxibid, you will have an opportunity to preview it and let us know of any changes required.  Once your vehicle is on Proxibid, it can not be changed or removed.  We require you to list exclusively with us during the preview and bidding periods.

Buying FAQs

What are the Buyer's Fees?

If you win an auction, a 9% Buyer's Fee will be added to your final bid as well as any applicable taxes.  Shipping is at your own expense.

How do I Bid Online?

Create an account on Proxibid and then request to bid at our current auctions.  A letter of credit from your bank may be required on items of high value.  A major credit card is required for bidding as a $1000 deposit will be placed immediately upon winning the item.

How do I Place a Bid?

Type in your Bid on Proxibid and click "Bid Now".  If your bid is not being accepted, you may need to log in or you have been out-bid.  For each vehicle you bid, a hold of $X will be placed on your credit card.  If you win the bidding, this hold will be...(Confirm with Proxibid)

Can I get Auction Updates?

When you visit Proxibid, click on "Add a Reminder for this Event".  Keep current on all our online and live auctions by joining our newsletter.

What happens if I win an Auction?

Congratulations!  Need to confirm this section with Proxibid for deposit information.  You will receive an invoice with the total payment required (including 9% commission, applicable taxes, minus your deposit).  You have X days to finalize payment via wire transfer or email transfer.  Your deposit will not be returned if you do not finalize payment.

Once payment is complete, the vehicle will be available for shipment through the company of your choice.

Why does the Bidding End Time keep Changing?

Need to confirm with Proxibid if this is an option.  

Can I cancel My Bid?

Once you have placed your bid, it can not be cancelled.  Please be very careful when bidding as winning bids will be charged the non-refundable deposit of $1000.  

Can I buy a Vehicle if the Reserve was not Met?

If the highest bid was near the reserve, we will work with both the Buyer and Seller to see if an arrangement can be made.  

What are my Shipping Options?

We are able to work with the shipping partner of your choice, and can provide shipping options from our preferred shipping companies.  Shipping will be confirmed before the final payment invoice is sent out.