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Edmonton Alberta Canada

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- Regular Time Slot -

- With or Without Reserve -

Registration - $325

Commission - 8%

Minimum $500 Commission


Weekend Pass for 1

Regular Listing on this Website




- Prime Time Slot -

- With or Without Reserve -

Registration - $525

Commission - 8%

Minimum $500 Commission


  • VIP Weekend Pass for 1

  • Premium Time Slot

  • Featured Vehicle Advertising on Social Media, and Online Bidding System

All fees in Canadian Dollars




- Regular Time Slot -

- With or Without Reserve -

Registration - 10% of Reserve Price

Commission - 15%

Items under $1000

will be no reserve


Consignments and consignment line-up are first-come first-served basis. Auction Lot numbers are not reserved without an entry fee confirmation. Lot numbers will be assigned at Franklin Auction’s discretion unless a Feature Spot has been purchased.

An email invoice will be sent once your registration forms are received. Your registration in the Auction is not confirmed until payment is received. If you prefer to pay by phone, please contact us at 780-990-6516. Additional fees may be charged when calling in your credit card information.

To avoid issues, before consigning, make sure the vehicle identification number (VIN) and title match. Detail (clean/wax/shine) your vehicle inside, outside and under the hood to achieve maximum bids for your vehicle.

Please read the terms and conditions in our consignor’s registration contract before consigning your automobile as this is just a brief outline; then just let the experience and knowledge of Franklin Auction do what it does best - sell your classic car.

Selling with a reserve

Consigning your automobile with a 'Reserve' means you can set a minimum price at which you are willing to sell. Only you and our employees will know the Reserve price. This is a special feature for you and is kept private and confidential. In setting a Reserve, it is important to be realistic about the set price as it is the minimum you will accept.

If the bidding does not reach the Reserve amount, you do not have to sell your vehicle and no other fees will be charged to you. However, when your car is on the auction block, you will have the option to lower your Reserve price to the last amount bid. Bidders would then know your automobile's reserve has been lifted and is now going to sell to the highest bidder. This can create a bidding frenzy. Franklin Auction’s goal will be to achieve as much money as possible and the auctioneer will continue to search for more active bidders.

Selling without a reserve

'No Reserve' allows your car to be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price. With a No Reserve car on the auction block, people will know the car will sell and the highest bidder will own it. This is the best way if you want to sell your car and are willing to take a chance on what the car sells for regardless of price. Although the risk seems greater, the rewards can be greater too as the Franklin Auction team has experienced. As our consignors are realizing more and more, when properly advertised, displayed, and promoted, 'No Reserve' automobiles tend to bring more than market value. Call us if you would like to discuss the benefits of selling without a Reserve.

Check-In Process

Unless you have already submitted with your entry form, when checking-in your automobile, bring the original (no copies) Title and Registration (registered in your name unless a dealer) and any other pertinent legal documents or history. The Title and VIN # will be examined, verified, and processed at the door by one of our employees. You, the owner, should be present at viewing and drive your own auto across the auction block; then you will be available to answer any questions from potential bidders or our auctioneer. However, if you prefer to not drive your car across the block, at your request a Franklin Auction team member will do so. Vehicles may be pushed within the facility if the facility does not allow operating vehicles inside.

After your vehicle has crossed the auction block, please proceed to our office. If your vehicle has sold, you will need to sign the necessary forms to complete the transaction.

If your car does not sell, you will pick up the Title and other paperwork to release your vehicle. However, you need to leave your auto with us until the end of the auction since we can and do receive purchase offers for vehicles long after they have gone across the auction block. Don't give up; an offer may come in up to the end of the auction event.

Payment for the sale of your auto will be mailed out promptly on or before the 15th banking day after the Auction date along with a summary of the proceeds.